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Umina, NSW
What will my alterations, additions or a new home cost?

The cost of any project depends on various factors: the design (both in terms of material quality and the labour required to assemble); the quality of the components or finishes (flooring, countertops); the level of amenities (appliances, fixtures) that you select; and overall building costs/market conditions. Don't forget that there are other costs to consider besides the building cost.

What are the other costs I will need to consider?

Besides the architect, you also need to engage other consultants to complete all the Council requirements e.g. structural engineer, Basix certification, surveyor, civil engineer for a stormwater design. K-design will guide you in the selection of other consultants and coordinate their work. Your local council also requires you to pay application fees to assess the Development Application and/or Construction Certificate application.

What is the architect's fee?

The architectural fee is a fixed price for residential work but the fee is tailored to each project due to its individual requirements, i.e. according to its size and complexity. The fee structure is staged as per normal practice. The stages are generally: Sketch design; Detailed design (Development Application); Documentation (Construction Certificate); Tendering; Contract Administration. So feel free to contact K-design for an free consultation to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation for services.


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